Natasha Parfoot - About me.

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting me. As well as being my job and passion in life, photography is also my creative outlet. I grew up surrounded by art. I had to spend 11 years getting 3 different degrees to finally realise that photography is what I want to do. I love to show real life, each shot being unique, capturing real interactions and telling a story.

At present I am offering photoshoots of children in the school environment resulting in unique photobooks showcasing the individuals learning and environment. I am also happy to make photobooks for anyone using their own private photos, should they wish.

How I Work:-

I shadow children in their class environment for at least two working days, taking photos of their different activities such as music, art, P.E lessons etc. I will take approximately 3000 personal and group photos of the children and their teachers per class.

In the following week i will sort the photos into the childrens personal folders and send parents their order list. As I complete all this work manually, mistakes are a possibility, whereby some photos can get mixed up. Could you please let me know if you notice a mistake.


 For twins who are in the same class, I can make a joint photobook which is £55 for a hard cover, £45 for a soft cover. If you require this, please contact me separately, or leave a note on the order form.

 I hope you enjoy looking at my work. If you would like any more information about my products please do contact me on contact